Restricted Products on Amazon: Before selling a product, make sure it's not restricted on AMZ and also not restricted in the particular areas where it's going to be delivered.

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I’ll give you a couple examples of restricted product violations: You cannot sell radar detectors for cars in certain portions of Canada. Also, you cannot sell anything to do with CBD. If your listing has anything that sounds medical in nature, you may get dinged by Amazon by simply having (what appears to be to Amazon) a medical claim or a treatment for some disease. So you need to be careful about your restricted products.

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We’re seeing an increase in restricted product violations where the product isn’t actually restricted, but the terms used on the detail page.

Amazon is confusing them and then flagging the product.

We had a client who used the terms ‘play money’ in his detail page and was flagged for imitating currency. So just be very mindful of the terms that you are putting on your products. These words that you are using could be mistaken by Amazon’s bots and then you are flagged. It is always important to make sure that you are addressing these violations with Amazon, even if it’s just the term and not the product itself that’s restricted.

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What we’re starting to see, which is really bad for sellers, is Amazon coming back and suspending you for months, and we even saw one year for selling a restricted product.

Here’s what we recommend that you do. If you created the listing, delete the listing. If you’re selling on a listing that was already created by somebody else, stop selling on it, but also submit a plan of action regarding restricted products. It should be one page or a couple of paragraphs, a straightforward and persuasive plan of action, but don’t let it linger. Send in a POA right away so that hopefully you will avoid what we’re seeing right now, which is old restricted product issues coming back with suspensions and also coming back in the form of 72-hour notices.

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Multiple sellers have come to us with either their account or listing suspended for Amazon believing their products contain ingredients on the restricted page.

From dog treats to candies containing hemp oil, VSA states that CBD products, full-spectrum hemp oil products, and rich hemp oil are ingredients that will get your listing and possibly your account suspended. There are slight differences in the makeup of these ingredients and they’re vastly different in what their effects are on a person. So, it’s justified why Amazon would want to be careful. But if you can prove through a lab analysis or some other way to show them the ingredients in your product, this is going to be your best chance at getting either your account / listing back. With this in mind, please be careful of how you list your products on Amazon because minor little things can get your account or your listing suspended.

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Sellers listing products like fragrances designed to look like Cuban cigars marked as restricted.

Listing products designed to look like Cuban cigars marked as restricted.

We’re calling it ‘Cuban products’ because we’ve been receiving reports from sellers who are listing products like fragrances designed to look like Cuban cigars getting marked as restricted products. This is a situation that you could see yourself being in the foreseeable future. Make sure you hang onto all your documents and all kinds of proof to show Amazon that it is not the restricted product they think you are selling.

Listing products designed to look like Cuban cigars marked as restricted