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Tips on How to Avoid Related Account Suspensions for Amazon Sellers

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If you are a new Amazon seller and you’re opening an account and run into an obstacle such as a typical business verification, stop and solve that problem, do not start again with a new account!
If you’re an experienced seller, use VPNs, different bank accounts, Mac addresses. Everything has to be different if you want to be successful at operating multiple accounts without getting caught.

Appeal for the original account.

One thing I would say, if you have a related account suspension, it’s always best to appeal for the original account that was opened. To ask Amazon to close the second account, ask Amazon to sell on the first account and be apologetic. It always works out to kind of explain what happened, what made you open a second account and just ask for another chance to sell on the Amazon platform.


Don’t Share Your WiFi Connection

We’re getting notice after notice of Amazon sellers getting dinged for related Amazon accounts and their businesses are going down. Stop using Starbucks, stop using the public library, stop using WiFi connections in shared office space. Get your own hotspot. Protect your business by making sure there are no other Amazon sellers going onto your account using the same WiFi.

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Don’t Share Your IP Address

We’re seeing many suspensions where service provider companies (managing your Amazon account or doing marketing for your brand, etc.) are taking sellers’ login information & using the same IP address that may be used for another client of theirs. This is flagging sellers for related accounts. One thing we urge you to do is vet the companies before retaining them. If they’re asking for your login information, it may not be the best to give it up.

What to do if you receive a price warning from Amazon

Get Amazon’s approval first.

We’ve been seeing rapid suspensions for related accounts. A seller creates a 2nd account, and because of that, they lose their 1st account too. If you’re thinking about this, use this as your warning. You have the opportunity to get approval from Amazon. If you think for a business reason you need to sell on a secondary account / sell completely new & different merchandise, then go through Amazon’s approval process to save yourself the hassle that you might have down the road.

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AMZ giving sellers bad advice.

These sellers had either a business verification issue or no issue at all & Amazon simply recommends them to open a 2nd account because their account is doing well. (What?!) This is against Amazon’s terms of service to open a 2nd account without their authorization & without having an extenuating reason to open another account. With this in mind, you can be held liable, so if you do open a 2nd account, you will be suspended.

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Catching related accounts.

Say you’re a new seller having problems getting your account off the ground, so you open up another account. There used to be a time delay before you were caught. Same thing if you’re an experienced seller & decide to open a second account. You wouldn’t get caught right away. Now, we’re seeing sellers getting nailed almost immediately. So if you are going this route, be careful. Different computers, IP addresses, Mac addresses, emails, names. Everything has to be different if you don’t want to get caught.

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