Amazon Rejecting Counterfeit Appeals & Used Sold As New Complaints Increasing

Amazon sellers, before we get into the news today, before you learn about these tremendous topics, I want you to take a minute and think about something exciting over the past week. I want you to think about a great goal that you accomplished because Amazon is full of challenges. If you think about a success that you had, it will set the tone for the entire day.

What I’m talking about today are 3 pieces of bad news, but with 2 issues that you can clearly control. So, stay with me…

1:  Amazon is rejecting counterfeit appeals, even with great documentation.

What Amazon is looking for are letters of authorization, which you can’t get if you’re an unauthorized seller. Continue to focus on sourcing where you can get great documents. They are still working, but we are seeing a trend where Amazon is rejecting them more than ever.

2:  Amazon asserting more safety complaints.

We’ve seen several sellers over the past few days, over several different teams within our office, all losing listings because of safety complaints. Tony, Alexa, Vin, Ashley, and our client relations team are all seeing more and more sellers getting dinged because of safety complaints. So, make sure your expiration dates are good, make sure your products are packaged safely, and just be leery of products that may pose a danger to any consumers.

3:  Significant uptake in the number of used sold as new complaints against Amazon sellers.

Used sold as new complaints are usually products that have been returned, with packaging or shipping issues, or the products are arriving in a manner that’s different than the current products of purchase from brick & mortar stores. As the world opens up more, people are going back to brick & mortar stores.

Here’s the good news – 2 things that you can absolutely control:

1:  Restricted product suspensions almost always occur when a seller repeatedly lists products that are restricted.

So, be careful. You can control this. Watch for restricted products that you can’t sell on Amazon. If you get dinged with one, be super careful with the next one.

2:  We’re seeing more suspensions from Amazon sellers who are using outside companies / vendors to manage accounts.

So, how can you control this? You can learn how to run your own Amazon account or you can vet the vendors more carefully. So, I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus, but I can tell you this. If someone asked you for $25,000 for passive income forever, run the other way.

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If you think about a success you had over the past few days, it will set the tone for the rest of your day, for the rest of your week, and you will crush it on Amazon. Please join me again tomorrow.

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