Business Law for Amazon & Online Sellers

The attorneys of Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall, PC, offer a wide range of legal services tailored to online businesses, including:

Business Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements

License / Distribution Agreements

Intellectual Property Assignments

Contract Drafting & Reviewing

Contract Negotiation / Disputes

Employment Law

Sale of Business

Our business law team understands the needs of ecommerce business, especially Amazon businesses. We provide strategic advice to protect your business from common and easily avoidable issues on and off the Amazon platform. We also can help sell Amazon business, so contact us today to find out more.

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Applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique 9 digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to business entities operating in the United States for the purposes of identification. The information sought through the link below helps our business law department formulate a strategy in obtaining an EIN and/or US mailing address.

Begin the application process for an EIN by filling out this form.

Business formation is a necessary step when opening a business. This makes the business a distinct legal entity. There are 4 main types: Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, and Corporation.

LLC Advantages:

  • earnings of an LLC are taxed only once
  • earnings of an LLC are treated like earnings from a partnership, sole proprietorship & most S corporations
  • an LLC owner’s liability is generally limited to the amount of $$$ which the person invested in the LLC
  • LLC members are offered the same limited liability protection as corporation’s shareholders
  • LLCs are generally free to establish any organizational structures agreed upon by members
  • profit interests may be separated from voting interests

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Amazon sellers outside of the USA, open an LLC in the United States. If you're interested in opening an LLC in the US, call us 1-877-9-SELLER

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Business Agreements

- Partnership Agreements
- LLC Operating Agreements
- Non Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements
- Indemnity Agreements
- Purchase Agreements
- Non-Compete Agreements
- Work-For-Hire Agreements
- Vendor Agreements
- General Business Contracts

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking for help with an already-established venture, we are here to provide legal services for your business.

With decades of experience drafting agreements on a myriad of subjects and fields, we’re confident we can prepare an agreement for your needs. Whether it’s a partnership, shareholder, operating agreement, or other type of business contract, contact us to find out how we can assist you.

A partnership agreement is a contract between two or more individuals who operate a business for profit. When drafting partnership agreements, we ensure the terms are tailored to your specific business needs. Certainly contact us if you’re in need of these types of agreements.

An operating agreement is arguably the most important document for owners of an LLC. In short, it outlines the process by which the LLC operates within its rules and guidelines on its daily basis of operation. The operating agreement is specific to the LLC and the specific needs of its members. Moreover, it is binding to its terms. Whether or not it is required in your state, every LLC should have an operating agreement.

Shareholder agreements are made between the owners of a corporation. This document serves as a safety net that details the steps taken if a shareholder leaves the company. It also outlines the percentage of ownership, restrictions on shares, and rights to purchase shares, among many other criteria.

Contract Drafting & Reviewing

Our experienced attorneys know the importance of vocalizing the wants & needs of both parties at this step.

Contract Drafting & Reviewing

Drafting a contract is at the forefront of almost every legal interaction. An offer must be made, accepted, and a consideration exchanged by both parties. Once fulfilled, the terms of the contract are to be included.

Contract Negotiation & Disputes

We pride ourselves in our ability to make sure that your concerns are met and negotiated into the final contract.

Contract Negotiation & Disputes

Negotiation of a contract is within the repertoire of all attorneys. But we have a unique perspective, as the majority of our clients are Amazon sellers. When a contract breach occurs, you may be eligible to collect damages. We’re here to help.


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Standard Settlement / General Release Agreement

Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement

Authorized Distributor Terms & Conditions

Trademark Counterfeit Settlement

Manufacturer Distribution Agreement

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

MAP Policy

Non-Infringement Attestation

Limited Warranty Form for Businesses & Sellers

Quality Control & Manner of Sale Addendum

Settlement Agreement

Sell Off Settlement Agreement

Non-Infringement / Agree Not To Sell Settlement Agreement

Product Licensing Agreements

Our expertise in intellectual property law provides us with a diverse background to assist with licensing agreements.

License Agreements

Licensing agreements are between a licensor who owns a good/right to produce said good/right, and allows the licensee to sell the product owned by the licensor. For more information, contact us.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Our business law department is well-versed in these types of contracts and we are confident we can assist you.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements describe information that’s sensitive, and therefore protected under said contract. In short, we protect your proprietary information from being stolen / used by others.

Sell Amazon Business

We understand the personal stake that comes with owning a business. In addition, the process it can become when deciding to sell Amazon business; especially attempting to on your own. Selling a business can not only be hard to navigate in terms of stock & assets, but also personally. Therefore, we recommend you contact us for a free consultation 1-877-9-SELLER.

At Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall, PC, we know the preparation it takes to draft the necessary documents that will be vital to your evaluation, negotiation, and eventual sale of business. An experienced attorney expedites the process and is vital in decision-making; whether dealing with an asset purchase or a stock sale.
empire flippers

CJ interviews Alex Champagne of Empire Flippers as they discuss acquisition strategies.

Webinar Wednesday: Build an Amazon business to sell for 7 figures.

Sell Amazon business topics:

– What goes into valuing an FBA business
– FBA buying and selling trends
– How to identify growth opportunities
– Deal structuring & negotiation

Alex Champagne is a seasoned entrepreneur who likes solving problems & learning new things. He’s consulted companies ranging from startups to billion dollar oil & gas companies on how they can grow revenue online and sell Amazon business. Since then, he’s founded multiple other ventures like Empire Flippers, using his experience to help buyers find & acquire online assets that best fit their goals. He oversees all deals done between buyers & sellers at Empire Flippers.

Employment Law

Employment law is an umbrella that covers topics such as workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, severance agreements, among other related topics. Whether you have a claim based on race, age, ethnicity, physical/mental disability, sex, veteran status, citizenship, religion, or wage & hour concerns, our business law firm can help with your claim.

As your Amazon business grows, you’re going to hire staff, and staff means employment issues.

Many sellers don’t know this, but before pivoting into only helping people in companies that are selling products on Amazon, CJ Rosenbaum led a huge contingent of employment lawyers through the American Association for Justice. He was the chair of a group of over 6,000 lawyers who did nothing but work on employment law issues.

Employment issues can include: discrimination or anti-discrimination policies, wage and hour liabilities, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements.

Many times when you employ people, you don’t tend to act until there’s a problem.

It’s always best to plan in advance and make sure you’re in compliance with your state and federal employment regulations.

If you do have an issue, before you react, before you write/say anything to that employee who may have legal claims against you, make sure you consult with a business law attorney. This way, you don’t do anything or write anything that may make the situation worse or create liability upon yourself / your company where no liability may exist.

Contact us. We’re here for sellers: MON-FRI: 9am – 8pm, SAT & SUN: 10am – 6pm EST

CJ Rosenbaum, Chairperson, American Association for Justice

American Association for Justice

The American Association for Justice, founded in 1946, is a nonprofit advocacy and lobbying organization for plaintiff’s lawyers in the United States. Above all, AAJ’s stated mission is to “promote a fair and effective justice system.” Their headquarters are in Washington, D.C.

– Avoid & Defend Discrimination Claims
– Avoid & Defend Wage & Hour Claims (overtime)
– Sexual Harassment & Hostile Workplace Issues

Intellectual Property Assignments

Creating work product is vital to establishing a brand. An IP assignment agreement is a contract facilitating the transfer of rights from the creator of the work product to another. This can be an individual or company. Regardless, our business law department works with either in any capacity.

– Licensing / Assignment of Intellectual Property
– Trademark and Copyright Registration
– Distribution Agreements
– Authorization Agreements

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A Non-Disclosure Agreement is Vital when Bringing on Clients / Employees

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Whenever you’re entering into a contract with another party, you MUST KNOW about these 2 provisions.

Amazon seller business law: common provisions to know about before signing contracts. Amazon Sellers Lawyer talks about common provisions (specifically indemnification & limitation of liability clauses) that are extremely important to know about whenever entering into a contract with another party. Limitation of liability contracts typically relate to direct damages.

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