This video is about a recent incident in which an Amazon seller was accused of violating the company’s fair pricing policy and restricted product violation.

The seller in question has been known to sell food products with a fruit in it that is restricted by Amazon in the UK.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, this serves as a reminder that sellers must be careful when pricing their products on Amazon, as any violations could lead to serious consequences.

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More information about receiving a fair pricing policy violation on Amazon:

AMZ Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy Violation Price Gouging Suspensions

Amazon alleged that our client was dealing in price gouging violations, an ASIN specifically, they offered hand sanitizers on the platform. Those prices saw a dramatic increase around the COVID-19 period beginning around March.

AMZ Sellers Beware of Fair Market Pricing Violations Arising Due To Price Gouging During Covid-19

When the pandemic first exploded and all the stores were shut down and when your sales started to skyrocket, many of you were using auto-pricer software that increased the prices of your products as the demand went up and supply went down. The problem was that that violated many states’ price gouging laws, and also resulted in Amazon contacting you and suspending you for violating Amazon’s fair market pricing policies.

AMZ Sellers ACCUSED of Price Gouging – WATCH OUT for Fair Market Pricing Violations

If you’re using pricing software, make sure you are setting a ceiling for that price because as supply dwindles, the software will jack your prices up, and in some states, you may violate their price gouging laws, or you might trigger Amazon’s policy violation, and you just don’t need that.