This video is about a recent incident in which an Amazon seller was accused of violating the company’s fair pricing policy and restricted product violation.

The seller in question has been known to sell food products with a fruit in it that is restricted by Amazon in the UK.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, this serves as a reminder that sellers must be careful when pricing their products on Amazon, as any violations could lead to serious consequences.

Fair pricing violation

In this case, an Amazon seller was accused of a fair pricing violation because he used an auto-pricing software that made his prices raise too high. Amazons pricing policies necessitate  that businesses on their platform sell products for a price that is equal to or less than it is being sold elsewhere. When you are using price setting software it is important that a price ceiling is maintained in order to abide by Amazons policies and create a positive experience for consumers. We got this seller account reinstated by explaining to Amazon that our client had already ceased using the software which was responsible for the error.

Restricted product violation 

Any product that is listed by an Amazon seller must conform to Amazons regulations about what can be sold, where it can be sold, and whom is permitted to sell it. In a case handled by our firm, a client received a restricted product violation from Amazon because a product that they were selling in the UK contained a fruit that Amazon had restricted specifically in the UK. Our client agreed to do a targeted removal of all the products with this ingredient that were listed from their seller account in addition to, creating a plan of action which confirmed to Amazon that they would stay updated on the rules and regulations of the platform.