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Amazon’s Review System

If you’re using a service to help you get reviews on Amazon, vet that service like a hawk.

If you are promised reviews with one click, it is too good to be true. And if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. Review manipulation suspensions are very difficult to come back from so be super, super careful. It is a thousand times better for you to wait patiently and get organic reviews than to use service providers that are promising things that are too good to be true. Never ask for good reviews versus generically asking for reviews, and never put in links that go to different places based upon the review, whether it’s good or bad. Be careful. Don’t lose your Amazon listings. Don’t lose your Amazon sellers’ account. Avoid review manipulation suspensions as much as possible.

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Customer review manipulation is not something that Amazon turns a cheek to.

Review or feedback manipulation is when a customer is offered an incentive in exchange for writing a review. Amazon has strict policies against manipulating reviews because it skews the authenticity of product reviews. Even if the review itself is genuine, if it was produced in exchange for something, that review is tainted in Amazon’s eyes. Amazon cares deeply about their customers. They will not tolerate any form of feedback other than a purely genuine, uninfluenced review.

Manipulating the buyer experience in any way, shape or form is not accepted by Amazon. By altering product reviews for an Amazon listing, the perception of that particular product may be misleading. Amazon will fully terminate any seller account if they have proof of review manipulation.

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Amazon Review Manipulation

SHORT & SWEET: Don’t do it. It is an account killer.

Short Term Gains vs. Long Term Business: a lot of new sellers out there partake in various third party applications, programs, and incentives for a coveted 5 star review. While this can help you rise up in rankings and make more money, this is a short term fix.

Long term, you will get caught, your account will be suspended, and this is very difficult to come back from. Amazon takes this very seriously. They have done several sweeps in the past year where they have taken down hundreds, if not, thousands of very prominent sellers for this.

Review ManipulationThere is a right way to get a review. You sell the product. You provide an honest, good product. You provide good customer service after the fact, and you will get that 5 star review. You will rise up through the rankings and you will have an account and a business that will last a lifetime. This is the way to handle these issues.

There are right ways and wrong ways to contact the customers after the fact. Amazon has a lot of policies on this matter and you should review these and know these like the back of your hand.

Amazon has a great program in place for how to contact your customers and if you are utilizing Amazon’s programs to contact your customers, you’re not going to get suspended for it.

Another thing you should stay away from that Amazon is catching onto quickly is selling your product on your own website and then sending that customer over to Amazon to leave an unverified purchase review. This is a quick way to get a listing or account suspended.