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CJ Rosenbaum & the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer have written a total of 6 books available for download.

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Our charity is the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. Founded by a close friend of mine named Lou Campbell & his incredible wife, Cindy when they lost their son Ty. They turned tragedy into triumph and their pain into productivity as they created this foundation. If you’re shopping on Amazon, use AmazonSmile. Pick the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer Books Available For Download:

Book: Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions

Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions

By: CJ Rosenbaum Esq.

There are 2 goals of this book: Educate Amazon sellers about how to avoid suspensions and teach suspended Amazon sellers how to get their accounts/ASINs quickly reinstated.

Amazon sellers can use what we have learned after helping thousands of suspended sellers maintain their selling privileges and use the information and sample Plans of Action to get your selling privileges reinstated as soon as possible.

Book: Amazon Sellers Guide - Trademark Law

Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Trademark Law

By: CJ Rosenbaum Esq., Anthony Famularo Esq., Christopher Abiuso, and Benjamin Lobley

It is crucial to register your trademark to protect your product from being infringed upon. Without registering the trademark, your ability to enforce your intellectual property rights is limited to your geographic area. In contrast, if you register with the USPTO, your trademark will be extended to the entirety of the US.

There are 2 goals of this book: Educate online sellers about trademark law and how it affects them, and teach sellers how to protect their trademarks from infringement or avoid infringing on others.

Book: Amazon Sellers Guide - Copyright Law

Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Copyright Law

By: CJ Rosenbaum Esq., Anthony Famularo Esq., Levi Stewart, and RJ Cherpak

This book focuses on teaching Amazon sellers about United States copyright law.

A copyright by definition covers: literary, musical, dramatic works, pantomimes, choreographic works, pictorial, graphic, sculptural works, motion pictures, sound recordings, and architectural works.

It is important for sellers to know how to properly file a copyright and to understand under what conditions a copyright protects. Avoid problems before they arise by protecting your brand from the start.

Book: Amazon Sellers Guide - Chinese Intellectual Property Law

Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Chinese IP Law

By: CJ Rosenbaum Esq., Anthony Famularo Esq., Conor Wiggins, and Moshe Allweis

This book informs sellers about protecting their brand from threats located in China and steps sellers can take to prohibit infringers. We discuss trademark and copyright law, the two primary ways to protect your brand around the world.

The seeming lawlessness of intellectual property in China has often garnered the title of being a “wild west.” While China continues to improve and standardize their IP rights, it’s important for sellers to understand that with a history as long and as notable as China’s, there are differences that influence what intellectual property means to the Chinese people.

Book: Amazon Law Library

Amazon Law Library: Volume 1

By: CJ Rosenbaum Esq.

There have been many situations where legal action was taken against Amazon for common law violations that caused damages to both sellers and buyers. These include: copyright infringement, breach of agreements with vendors, deceptive advertising practices and more.

This book provides legal documentation of cases involving Amazon, along with the details of the case and whether Amazon won or lost. Regardless of the outcome of any case, these instances show that Amazon is not above the law.

Book: Your Guide to Selling Fashion on Amazon

Your Guide to Selling Fashion on Amazon

By: CJ Rosenbaum Esq. and Nicole Kulaga

Fashion is your passion. Whether you are a new or existing designer, chances are, you have been on the Amazon platform. In this book, we will explain why Amazon is a great option for designers and how to keep your business safe from suspension.

It is not easy starting your own business, there are many risks, but selling on Amazon opens many doors for entrepreneurs. This book will be your how-to guide on everything from legal issues to selling on Amazon.

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