Amazon Sellers Suspended for Restricted Products Winning Reinstatements with Laboratory Certifications

Laboratory certifications win restricted product suspensions.

What am I talking about? Amazon has a long list of products you can’t sell on Amazon. It also has a huge list of ingredients for products that you can’t sell on Amazon, or they are restricted in some fashion.

If you receive one of these suspensions and your product is not what Amazon’s alleging or doesn’t contain the restricted ingredient, go to a lab, get a report, show Amazon that the ingredient is not in your product and submit that with a killer plan of action. You have a great chance of reinstatement.

This is exactly how Vin won a case this week for an Amazon seller, who was accused of selling a product with a restricted ingredient. Our methods work. We are the best in the world at writing plans of action.

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An issue that has plagued many Amazon sellers is getting flagged for pesticide violations. Pesticides are a restricted product on the platform that are also heavily regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

If you receive a performance notification stating that the product you’re selling is making a prohibited disease claim, you have one of two options…