NEW Restrictions & Regulations for Selling Plumbing Supplies on Amazon – Prepare for a Possible Suspension

Valentine’s Day is coming up and between Amazon and the state of California, if you’re selling plumbing stuff, you may have a big, big problem.

Okay, Amazon sellers, if you are in the niche of selling plumbing supplies in the state of California, or delivering products into the state of California, there are changes coming as of February 14th, 2022, Valentine’s Day, where the restrictions in California on consumer products are already through the roof, and now they’re getting worse because it’s going to involve certain plumbing supplies.

If you’re an Amazon seller and this is how you make your living or this is how you make a portion of your living, make sure you contact us, we can take whatever plumbing supplies and equipment that you are selling, we can check the body of law that is in California, how it’s going to affect you, and let you know whether you should sell these products.

But this again, bad news for Amazon sellers. I believe any restriction on what you can sell and where you can sell it, I think it’s bad. I believe in a free-market economy. But if you want to know whether your products are okay or not okay or potentially in a gray area, reach out to us.