Meet the Amazon Sellers Lawyer Team – Litigation Paralegal, Jacques Lavaud

Michelle Maldonado – Thank you for joining us today and sharing some insights into the great work that you do for Rosenbaum, Famularo PC. Let’s start off with telling us about your role at the firm. What do you do?

Jacques Lavaud – I’m a paralegal for the litigation department, as well as the appeals team. I handle appeals ranging from IP complaints to restricted product complaints. I also help in the litigation team a little bit by helping drafting demand letters, everything that helps to get the litigation process started when it comes to receiving cases.

Michelle Maldonado – You sound quite busy. How long have you been at the firm?

Jacques Lavaud – Now, it’s been about a year. It’s been a year now.

Michelle Maldonado – Okay, a good amount of time. And what made you decide to join the firm?

Jacques Lavaud – Well, initially I was a paralegal at a foreclosure firm. I figured that that’s not something I really want to do. I don’t really enjoy seeing people getting their houses taken away from them, so that hurt me at empathetic dimension. I figured I try my hand at intellectual property, because it sounds like something I would be interested in. Lo and behold, I’m here now.

Michelle Maldonado – That sounds great. That sounds just great. Just go back to the very beginnings. When did you become interested in law? How did you land in this profession?

Jacques Lavaud – When I first started college, I wasn’t into law whatsoever. I was a biology major. Coming from a family, a Haitian family like mine, is very traditional, so you either doctor, lawyer, engineer. If you’re not any of those three, it’s not a job and it doesn’t exist. I went through this one career fair and there was a lawyer there, and he was talking about his job, what he does and everything. I figured, hmm, this actually doesn’t sound too bad. I mean, yeah, I’m still in the traditional sphere of doing the three jobs that my parents sign off on, but I actually enjoy what he’s talking about and it’s something I would definitely like to get into. So that’s how I started.

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