Amazon Account/Listing Hacked?

If you are an Amazon Seller with a hacked account or ASIN, this page is for you.

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History of Amazon Seller Hacked Accounts

Experienced Amazon Sellers are likely aware that Amazon hacks are nothing new.

Back in 2008, Dmitry Olegovich Zubakha planned and executed multiple DDoS attacks against with the help of an accomplice hacker. Nicknamed the “Cyber bandit,” Zubakha and his Russian co-conspirator launched the attack by programming botnet computers to request “large and resource intensive web pages” that made it extremely difficult for consumers to complete business transactions.

To date, CJ Rosenbaum has made it clear that Amazon has not provided sellers with any compensation of the funds that they have lost yet.

While sellers have been granted account reinstatement, the end goal is clear to CJ Rosenbaum: get clients their money back, reinstatement is only temporary satisfaction.

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Is Your Amazon Seller Account Hacked?

Click the image above and watch our video on how to prevent Amazon Account Hackings and how to prevent your Listings from being hacked as well, we’ll share exactly how we fixed the issue and how we can help you further protect your Amazon Seller Account.

Amazon Sellers – Hacked Accounts

The biggest problem for a suspended Amazon Seller with a hacked account is that they cannot make the necessary changes to regain access to their account because Amazon has shut them down for safety purposes. In order to gain access, they must contact the Amazon legal department. Amazon will work with sellers who have been hacked to help restore their accounts; they are also working to implement stricter verification procedures to help prevent hackers from gaining access to seller accounts in the first place.

“If an Amazon Seller’s account is actually hacked, one thing we have done to successfully get the suspended account reinstated is to set up a two-step verification process. To avoid this issue altogether, it is in the seller’s best interest to preemptively set up this verification process before an issue arises.”

~ Kerry, Senior Managing Paralegal