CJ Rosenbaum, Anthony Famularo & Rob Segall’s Amazon Training Center

There are a lot of Amazon courses out there but this one is the only course where you could obtain information about how to increase the value of your online business and how to exponentially grow it through a simple approach that anyone could follow.
CJ Rosenbaum
amazon training center

This is your ultimate library of courses.

Each month, a course will be added inside the training center and you will get unlimited access.

In the first course, you will be handed a detailed strategy and steps on how to:

  • Use warranties
  • Stop other sellers from stealing your sales
  • Properly use trademarks
  • Protect your products and company
  • Get out of the First Sale Doctrine
  • Sustain your Amazon based business during uncertainties.

Amazon Premium Videos & Exceptional Coaching to Help Brands, Businesses, Entrepreneurs Learn How to Succeed on Amazon

The Amazon Training Center is the only strategic building system that works regardless of your experience in being an Amazon seller. This program is saying “NO” to theory, fluff, and hours of confusing videos so you can literally follow a clear path in scaling your Amazon based business.

A recap of what you’ll first experience inside the Amazon Training Center:

– How to treat your business like a real business
– Stop other sellers from stealing your sales
– How to take advantage of your intellectual property rights
– Write a press release for your AMZ business
– How to diversify products and sources

And more courses to come…

A year of unlimited access to all the course we publish inside the Amazon Training Center, includes intensive trainings and courses to level up your Amazon based business.

Learn how to grow, build value, & thrive with your Amazon eCommerce based business.

We’re here to help you succeed and make sure you know how to protect your business. Amazon Training Center is a library of courses and secrets on how we helped a number (and counting) of business owners reinstate their accounts from suspension and continuously grow their brand tenfold.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Gain access to our courses available on-demand and learn things like account suspension prevention, writing killer plans of action, Amazon policies, business strategies, and more…


We are a team of talented lawyers and paralegals with solid years of experience in helping Amazon sellers like you. Our team is committed to provide support and empowerment to Amazon sellers worldwide.


Talk with CJ Rosenbaum himself while you learn online. Get invaluable insight from the official Amazon Sellers Lawyer.

Events with Amazon Training Center's founder CJ Rosenbaum:



CJ, Anthony & Rob are available for all types of speaking engagements. This can cover speaking and moderating engagements such as keynotes, panel discussions, roundtable and workshops. From learning to leadership, we can customize an engagement to fit the needs of your event and audience. We are highly knowledgeable and have substantial experience speaking on various topics that range from brand protection, trademarks, copyrights, Amazon suspensions and more!

Amazon Sellers Lawyer trains tens of thousands of sellers & brands around the world.

CJ Rosenbaum & the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer have a handful of books ready for you to read about Amazon suspensions, brand protection, and intellectual property law in the United States and also China:
Amazon Seller Books

Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer Webinars:

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How to SELL MORE in Europe & Around the World

A small, selected group of international speakers including CJ Rosenbaum will be sharing their expertise at the 2-Day European Seller Conference. With a limited space for attendees, this is a rare opportunity you don’t want to miss. Meet, network and gain more knowledge from other Amazon sellers in March 2019

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