Buyer Complaints on Amazon: a Legal Approach

 As an Amazon seller, your entire operation is in the hands of the rules and regulations specified by Amazon. Even just one complaint against a reputable, established Amazon seller can lead to account suspension.

CJ’s law firm is designed to provide sellers with a licensed attorney who can utilize the law to handle complaints that jeopardize your seller account. As a lawyer, CJ assists Amazon sellers with a two-step approach designed to handle issues that stem from buyer complaints:

STEP 1: Investigate the complaint to see if it is valid and provide a method of resolving the issue amicably.

STEP 2: When the complaint is invalid, seek our clients’ lost profit and adequate reimbursement for the business interruptions caused by a complaint.

 Pursuing Your Lost Profits Due to Buyer Complaints

Where appropriate, CJ can seek your lost profits from the person or company that complained about you.  We can seek lost profits from a suspended account or suspended listing or loss of Buy Box through negotiations or a lawsuit. Courts can also order the person to remove the offending material and refrain from libeling you in the future.

Another way for businesses that use Amazon to defend against libel is a reputation management service. These services often try to include threats of legal action against publishers of libel to prevent your business from appearing bad in search engine results.

Reputation management companies bury negative feedback by promoting positive things about you and your business through Search Engine Optimization. A libelous comment may never see the light of day because it is pushed so far back in search engine results.

Regardless of how you want to deal with defamation on your Amazon reseller account, keep the following in mind when you see defamatory material about you:

Keep a list of URLs of all the defamatory material about your Amazon account. This may be needed to persuade the person or company that made the complaint against you to retract it. If we end up suing for lost profits, the information can also be useful.

Never threaten the publisher. This hurts you in the end because the publisher can report the threat to Amazon. This could be a fatal A to Z Complaint.

Compile accurate records of your company’s sales from before and after the defamatory content first appeared online. Establish your lost profits. It will help us persuade the person or company to remove the complaint.  If we have to sue, the proof will be needed.

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