AMZ Insider Info 2/25/20 with CJ Rosenbaum: Amazon cracking down on review manipulation, Amazon accusing sellers of having more than one account, Invoices are absolutely vital if you’re a third party seller.

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Amazon cracking down on review manipulation.

This was a huge source of suspensions a few months ago and that spanned a pretty long period of time. We’re starting to see more and more sellers call us that their accounts are down because they’re being accused of review manipulation. If you are putting an insert into your package that offers anything in exchange for a great review, you are clearly violating Amazon’s policies and if they get wind of it, you’re going to be shut down.

Amazon accusing sellers of having more than one account.

Again, this is clearly against Amazon’s contract with every single seller all over the world, even though tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of sellers all maintain more than one account. If you’re doing it, you need to be super careful that you do not do anything at all that Amazon can possibly link to the account. Different physical addresses, different names, different emails, etc. Never sell the same products, never ever log in from the same computer or phone. There are many things that Amazon does to link accounts that we do not know about, so be super careful you’re going to do it.

Invoices are absolutely vital if you’re a third party seller.

If you are buying products from distributors and then reselling on Amazon, you need to vet your supplier. You need to make sure they have an internet presence, that they can be linked back to the brand. You could even go there physically and take pictures of the trucks delivering their products to show they’re getting the product straight from a brand and they need to maintain those invoices.

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