Amazon Taking Action Against Sellers Getting a Fake Review

Review manipulation and suspicious activity. If you are familiar with either of these phrases, this video is for you.

We are seeing an increase in the number of sellers just like you who need our help in getting your account reactivated or getting your listings reactivated with a great plan of action, because Amazon is accusing you of review manipulation, and accusing you of engaging in suspicious activity, which may be resulting in reviews on your listing.

What do you need to do? You have to be super careful in how you get reviews. Incentivized reviews went out with the dinosaurs years ago. You can never get caught compensating anybody for leaving you a great review. You can’t lead people one way to leave you a great review and another way to leave you a review that may not be as stellar.

The companies that promise you reviews, stay away from them. You can’t get reviews through your Facebook page because just like any of us can go on Facebook so can Amazon and they’ve automated that system. The best reviews you can get for the long term growth of your business, the long term success, are the ones that happen organically.

Deliver great products, deliver them well, great packaging, and the reviews will come.

If you receive one of these Amazon suspensions, a fake review manipulation with or without the suspicious activity of verbiage on it, take it really seriously. You have to write a concise, persuasive plan of action, identifying the root cause. Why is it that Amazon believes your reviews aren’t genuine?

Also, what you did immediately upon learning of the issue, and the long term issue at your business, the long term change to your business is going to be to continue to deliver great products, package really well, on time, and provide Amazon’s consumers with a great shopping experience. Don’t admit to any wrongdoing.


Manipulating the buyer experience in any way, shape or form is not accepted by Amazon. By altering product reviews for an Amazon listing, the perception of that particular product may be misleading. Amazon will fully terminate any seller account if they have proof of review manipulation.