AMZ Seller Accounts Suspended Due to a Rise in Review Manipulation Cases

Amazon sellers, I have news today and it’s about review manipulation suspensions.
This is what you need to know…

Number one, review manipulation suspensions are rising. It’s not a dramatic rise, but we are seeing more and more sellers contacting us that their accounts are down because they’ve been accused of review manipulation.

Number two, what you need to know is how to get your accounts back if you have this. First, download our book, the Amazon Sellers Guide to Suspensions and Reinstatements. But when it comes specifically to review manipulation, you got to know right off the bat these are very hard cases to win, and the first plan of action that you submit is the one that’s the most important. So make sure if you doing it yourself, you’re doing a really, really great job at that first swing at the plate. Or hire us because we are the best in the world.

Which leads me to number three, Vin, one of our killer senior paralegals won a review manipulation reinstatement by throwing the vendor that this seller was using right under the bus. Now, I’m not telling you to do that in every case, and I’m not telling you to do it at your first swing at the plate. Because under your terms of service, you are 100% responsible for anything, everything, and anyone interacting your Amazon account. So if you do an admission, if you write an admission and a plan of action and throw the vendor under the bus, you are responsible for that and you are now at Amazon’s mercy. Vin won it, he’s a remarkable paralegal, but you may not be so fortunate. So that’s the third thing. You can win these cases from time to time by throwing your vendor under the bus.

If you are suspended on Amazon because of review manipulation, contact us about your case.