How we handled a 72 hr performance notification for review manipulation on Amazon.

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about a recent success that I had with a 72 hr performance notification.

One of our long-term clients who has been with us for a number of years received a 72 hr performance notification. Specifically, this notification was for the allegation of manipulating product reviews.

Our client immediately wanted to address this within the 72 hr time frame as he didn’t want his account suspended.

So after discussing the case and the issue with the client, our client notified us that they were indeed using a third party service and ultimately, this enabled a Google Chrome extension onto the client’s computer, which linked to their Amazon account, which is why their account was flagged for this 72 hour warning. So after we addressed this matter with Amazon and explained the situation at hand, that it was not intentional, our client didn’t really understand why it was happening at first, but then they spoke with one of their employees who actually enabled the feature through Google Chrome.

So once our client was able to distinguish exactly what happened and what reviews were actually leading to this, we were able to list out the reviews that were strictly positive reviews and they were recent. So we told Amazon so that they can properly remove them. We did draft a plan of action within that 72 hour time frame.

Now, before the notification, our client’s account wasn’t suspended. But as a result of this, the account did go down because Amazon was requesting additional information regarding the matter. We had to explain it a little bit more. Once we did that, we were able to get the account back for the client. Our client successfully got their account running again. They were very excited about it. So now they’re going back to doing business on the Amazon platform.

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