How to protect your business from receiving a related account suspension on AMZ.

Amazon related accounts suspension are on the rise.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this video, we’ll share tips on how to protect your Amazon business and avoid related account suspensions. Watch now for helpful advice and peace of mind on getting reinstated on AMZ.

Case #05030 

If your Amazon seller account is deactivated or suspended after being accused by Amazon of having related accounts, you will need to prove these claims are false and that your account should be reinstated.

Reactivating your seller account after a related accounts accusation 

In this specific case, our client was an Amazon seller who was accused of having related accounts, but was the owner and operator of only one account. The Amazon seller had no relation to the other account of which he was accused and the account he ran had been created by himself, and operating smoothly for a period of time before hit with related account accusations.  Demonstrating that the sellers account was only related to the listed owner to Amazon would be the most feasible solution for reactivation of the seller account.

We provided Amazon with documents which proved that the seller account was not bought from another individual but created by our client and he remains the only owner, attached to an efficiently written Plan of Action. The documents were originally in a different language and were translated into English for the utilization in this process, causing a delay in resolution which was remedied by providing certification for the translation of the documents.