How to Get Back Online & Selling Again After Receiving a Related Account Suspension / Violation

If you have been suspended for running multiple Amazon accounts, I’m going to tell you how we win reinstatement for related account suspensions.

Okay, so thousands of sellers a year contact us to help them get their account / listings back. And in today’s video, I’m going to talk to you about how we win reinstatements for sellers all over the world when they get knocked down for related accounts.

If you are operating more than one account and Amazon has busted you and you don’t have the different categories and the different product lines to be allowed to sell on multiple accounts at the same time:

We try and get the oldest account reinstated first, even though that account may not be the most valuable to you.

Why do we do that? Well, I’ve learned by interviewing Amazon staff in India, I’ve learned from dealing with thousands of Amazon sellers and hundreds of Amazon seller thought-leaders that the oldest account is what Amazon sees as your real account. And the later accounts they consider what they call Stealth accounts.

So you work on the oldest account first, and when you get that account reinstated, the newer ones will almost always suddenly come back online. If they don’t come back online, then you start addressing those other accounts and argue in your later plans of action, why multiple accounts are totally legitimate under Amazon’s terms of service. That’s how we handle it. We work on the oldest account first. We get that reinstated. If the other ones come online, great. If they don’t come back online, we do additional plans of action to show why you should be allowed to operate more than one Amazon account.

If you have questions about receiving a related account suspension, submit your case and either me or a killer member of my team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.