3 HUGE TIPS FOR SUCCESS on Amazon – Sourcing, POAs, Account Suspensions, & Reinstatement

What is an Amazon related account and when you get nailed, how do you get your account back? I’m going to be giving you one of our killer paralegal, Briana’s, top three tips for success on Amazon.

Number 1, you should request a bin check from FBA when you receive a product condition complaint.

And what you want to do is get some confirmation from Amazon on who’s product it was.

Tip number two, always try and source your products from suppliers that have a significant web presence.

You shouldn’t be sourcing products from any source that has zero web presence. And the more that Amazon staff can find online about your source of products, the better. We’ve stepped up the game a little bit. We used to say, only buy from sources that have a web presence. Now, what I’m advising you is to try & source products from sources, suppliers, wholesalers, brands that have a significant web presence.

Tip number three, related account suspensions.

So when we are writing plans of action for Amazon sellers, who’ve been nailed being involved in more than one account, the related account suspension, we provide documentation to back up whatever our argument is. And in a particular case where Briana won, she showed the termination of the seller’s relationship with a former partner. They had an Amazon account together. The partnership broke up and her new business has nothing to do with her former partner’s business. She won the case, won the seller’s reinstatement, by backing up the arguments with documentation.

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