How to Protect Vital Business Information as an Amazon Seller

Amazon based businesses have trade secrets and ways of conducting themselves and getting their products and creating and monitoring their listings that you don’t want to share with anybody, and these methods are clearly something that should be the subject of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements are exactly what they sound like. Whoever is signing that agreement is promising to keep your information absolutely secret and not share with anybody.

There are generally two types of vendors and confidentiality agreements:

One type is in terms of internal people to your team. You want to make sure that your employees, your staff are not going to share your information or your methods of conducting business with anybody else.

The second target of an NDA agreement or a confidentiality agreement are those outside of your organization. If you hire consultants or using vendors, are you giving anybody at all access to your information that external person or company should also be signing off on a non-disclosure and a confidentiality agreement?

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