Check out our new on-demand Amazon Training Center with CJ Rosenbaum.

When we started the firm 7+ years ago, we knew that we only had one job and it was to help struggling Amazon sellers with whatever they needed in their business. But a few years later, I have come to realize that helping those who are reaching out to us is not enough. So the mission evolved…

Now, we aim to reach out to 9.7 million Amazon Sellers in whatever season they are in with their business, and let them know that we are the best people to help them in every aspect of their business.

We can only serve people who know what we do. And it has been our duty to get out there and make sure that everyone knows what we do.

I’d love to share with you the top 3 things that we can do for your business that you might not know of:

1. Brand Protection – we are the fastest and most efficient when it comes to helping sellers with Intellectual Property complaints. In fact, we developed for this and other brand protection purposes like stopping counterfeit or unauthorized sellers from stealing your sales.

2. Amazon Training Center with CJ Rosenbaum – Best training in the world for people and companies selling on Amazon. There are on-demand videos that will teach you how to grow sales, build value, avoid getting suspended, and other proven strategies that are not available elsewhere.

3. Video Studio – Sellers and other companies selling on Amazon can shoot footage in our studio in Long Beach, New York. Aside from using the studio, we can shoot for clients who need professional content because we have the best editing and production team to do it. We have product photography projects for our ongoing clients, in partnership with Kimberly Klein of


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The Amazon Training Center with CJ Rosenbaum – There are a lot of Amazon courses out there but this one is the only course where you could obtain information about how to increase the value of your online business and how to exponentially grow it through a simple approach that anyone could follow.