BREAKING ECOM NEWS: Monster Energy Lawsuit Against Sellers

Another recent litigation case filed by Greer Burns & Crain.

Hey Amazon sellers, my name is Jacq Lavaud, a paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC. I bet you’re wondering why I have so much energy and why so jittery? Well, if you see what Monster Energy has done to sellers on the Amazon platform, you would have the same amount of energy as I do..

Greer Burns & Crain has filed a TRO on behalf of Monster Energy.

If you guys don’t know, Monster Energy is well known for their energy drinks and for their sponsorship of extreme sports such as dirt biking, skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding.

Monster Energy has filed a lawsuit against many Amazon sellers. Here, they’re alleging that these sellers have infringed both their mark containing the symbol and logo of the club, as well as their copyright for the club design itself.

In addition, the use of the term ‘Monster Energy’ without permission. Now, if you’ve received this lawsuit, chances are, you received it by way of a temporary restraining order on Amazon, notifying you that your funds have been withheld due to the ongoing litigation. Within this notice is the contact information for Greer Burns & Crain, directing you to contact them, to resolve the litigation in order to see your funds released.

If you’ve received one of these notices, there is an obligation to respond to the courts.

It’s extremely important that you respond to the courts in this matter. Now, simply by answering, you’re going to avoid a default judgment. When the individual fails to answer the court, the plaintiff approaches the court in order to put them in default status. Once they are in default status, the plaintiff can pursue what’s called a default judgment, which is essentially a win because of a technicality, not necessarily the liability or a level of infringement in the case.

It’s extremely important to avoid a default judgment. If you’ve received one of these notices, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. If you’ve received any notice from Monster Energy, through Amazon regarding a temporary restraining order, contact me as soon as possible. You could reach me on my direct line at (212) 256-8491.

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