AMAZON SEPTEMBER ALERT – Posting Sellers’ Information & Intellectual Property Complaints

Amazon sellers, this is another September alert you need to know about, and risks that you will be taking as Amazon sellers, when Amazon begins to publish account owner information on September 1st of 2020.

With the publication of your name and your address, the risk of intellectual property right complaints coming to haunt you will grow dramatically. Up until September 1st, Amazon sellers have been protected by the Amazon shield. Of course, brands were able to make complaints through Amazon’s absolutely lackadaisical system for IP complaints, but now, each and every company brand you are selling will know who you are and where you are. We fear that more and more brands are not only going to assert baseless complaints against you, but might actually bring litigation against you. Because now they know who you are, where you are, and simply based upon your address, those brands are going to have a good idea whether you have assets or not. So be aware what’s coming down the pipeline September 1st, in terms of brands being able to identify exactly who you are.

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