Sellers beware: Fendi is suing online sellers for illegally using the company’s likeness and for selling counterfeit products.

Fendi, a fashion company based out of Italy, sells a wide array of clothing and accessories.

The company filed a lawsuit against Amazon Third Party Sellers and other online retailers who are selling Fendi branded products.

Fendi seems to fail to recognize that most Amazon Sellers do not engage in selling counterfeit goods.

In the lawsuit, Fendi demanded that Amazon, eBay and other platforms stop Amazon Sellers and other online retailers from selling Fendi products. Fendi claims that the products being sold online are counterfeit. Amazon Sellers and other online retailers have not yet fully responded.

Fendi claims that Amazon Sellers and other online retailers are devaluing their brand and preventing Fendi from earning its profits. There seems to be no recognition in Fendi’s lawsuit that many Amazon Sellers caught in its lawsuit, and other online retailers, are selling 100% genuine Fendi products. The Amazon Sellers and other online retailers must respond to the lawsuit.. and should focus on the sale of genuine products.

CJ Rosenbaum states that:

“Amazon Sellers and all online retailers that have been falsely accused of selling counterfeit products may have significant counterclaims against Fendi for lost sales, profits and decrease of the value of their businesses.

Amazon Sellers and all online retailers that have been falsely accused of selling counterfeit products may have claims under the laws of defamation, and a legal claim called ‘tortious interference with contract’ where Fendi interfered with the Sellers’ contracts with Amazon, eBay, etc.

A major problem for Amazon Sellers is that Amazon’s takedown policies tend to be very brand-friendly. All of the Amazon Sellers in the lawsuit will likely be suspended and all of their funds and inventory frozen. These Amazon Sellers may be put out of business if they cannot withstand the delay in resolving the claims quickly.”

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Fendi v Sellers

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