Brand Protection for Private Label Sellers & Established Brands

This is your inside information. Today, we’re going to be talking about brand protection for private label sellers and for those sellers who have already established their brands. If you’re a seller who has not yet developed a private label brand, you have to look into it. The value of your business, the value of your account, is based upon intellectual property. It’s not just sales because Amazon controls and owns all of that. This is the wave of the future.

If you’re creating a brand, you have to go through the IP Accelerator program to get brand registry.

Breaking news story number one is what you don’t know that’s coming out of China. We have heard of multiple scenarios where people in companies using IP Accelerator apply for a trademark that they will absolutely never get and then getting brand registry for brands that they don’t own. Then it lasts four, five, six months at a time until the USPTO rejects the application or Amazon’s lawyers catch wind of it and realize that they have now given brand registry to someone who does not own the brand and has zero chance of getting that mark.

Breaking news story number two for private label sellers. Now the mainstream media, now I don’t care if you are from a blue state, a red state, a Democrat or a Republican mainstream media all over is reporting the same thing. There is an uptick in the level of animosity between the Trump administration and China over the coronavirus. What does this mean? This puts you at significant risk of more trade war tariffs and raising the cost of getting your goods from China. So what do you need to do? It is basic business 101. You need to diversify. You have to look to other countries to source your products. I highly recommend you look at India as a source of your products and check out India is an incredible place for sourcing. If you’re not looking at India, look at Vietnam, look at Thailand, look at South Korea, but you have to diversify where you’re sourcing your products from.

Breaking news number three, for private label sellers with brand registry. What you guys need to know and many don’t, is that even when you have brand registry, even when you control the listing on your own product, people in companies with vendor accounts, those people in companies that sell products to Amazon, like a traditional wholesaler, that then allows Amazon to sell their products as a retailer, they can alter your listings. You are at risk from Amazon retail, which I think is pretty well known, but you’re also at a significant risk from people in companies who have vendor accounts.

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