Avoid Spoof/Fake IP Violations Emails – Why Amazon Sellers Should Register Intellectual Property

Brett SondikeBrett Sondike, Director of Client Relations at Rosenbaum Famularo, the law firm behind Amazon Sellers Lawyer, talks about registering your IP.

It is very important these days if you’re a brand owner to register your intellectual property: such as a trademark, patent, copyright.

There are a lot of spoof emails out there and the rights owners are fake. They’re coming to you and they’re going to, in some cases, pretend they’re the rights owner and they’re going to slap you with an intellectual property complaint violation.

It may be enough to take your listing down or even take your account down. So it’s important you register your brand first. It’s a very big situation on Amazon. It doesn’t take much to register a trademark and also doesn’t take much to register a complaint against a brand. So do this right away. It’s important – especially in this environment now, people are looking to make money and get their competition off of Amazon. So it’s easy to do. If you want to register a trademark, you could use us to help or use Amazon.

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