Amazon Sellers’ News with CJ Rosenbaum: Bad Advice from Amazon Seller Support, Price Gouging Accusations on Hand Sanitizer, 3 Steps to Develop a Private Label Brand

The absolutely great news for Amazon sellers is that price gouging is no longer at the top of Google trends.

Google trends monitor what people are searching on Google, and for the last week or so, it has just been off the charts. How to make complaints against you.. price gouging against you.. It was just absolutely awful so I’m really happy to report that that is no longer at the top of the Google search engines.

Calling Amazon seller support doesn’t always give you the best advice.

I know it gives you sort of an emotional release.¬†You think you have an answer to your question if and when they get on the phone. The problem is, the advice that they often give sellers is absolutely wrong. The person answering the phone is not a high-level executive and often just the information, even though they try to do the right thing, the information they give to sellers is just absolutely wrong. If they tell you to open up another account and you don’t have those categories, they’re just giving you bad advice. So be really, really careful if you are using Amazon seller support phone number.

I also want to talk to you about hand sanitizer on Amazon.

I highly recommend you stay away from this product. I know it’s in demand. I know you can make good money on it. I also know it is incredibly risky because when it does come to the price gouging accusations that are going on, this is one of the products that sellers are getting slaughtered for, even when they’re charging fair rates.

3 steps you need to do when developing a private label brand.

To prepare yourself on starting a private label brand, the first thing you need to do is find a product. Once you find a product, you create an entity, and then you have to insure it. Then, follow the three steps below:

IMPORTANCE of BRAND PROTECTION for Sellers on AmazonNumber one, get your trademark, logo or name trademarked through Amazon’s IP accelerator program.

It is fantastic. You get the brand registry right away.

The second step, create an awesome listing.

You need great verbiage. You need to have great pictures. A picture says a thousand words and again, Amazing Freedom can help you with this.

The third step is to do brand protection like the big guys.

As a law firm, we have grown with Amazon sellers. As more of you have developed private label brands, we have developed private label brand protection and that’s what you need to do. You need to monitor your listings. You need to know what to put in your product and your warranty so you can stop other people from selling your products. You need to take your product outside the first sale doctrine. Then when you do have a hijacker, send them a cease and desist communication. We can show you what that communication should have in it and allow sellers to take themselves off your listing.

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