Inside Information on How Amazon Sellers can Develop a 7 Figure Private Label Brand

Number one, private label sellers, you need to get a trademark, and the best way to get your trademark is using Amazon’s IP Accelerator program because you get brand registry right away, which is the next step, brand registry. It gives you control of your listing. It also gives you great tools to stop other people and companies from hijacking your listing and stealing your sales. Building a 7 figure private label brand means developing your intellectual property rights. Get the trademark. You own copyright interest in your pictures and verbiage.

Number two, hold those interests. Hold your trademark in a separate IP holding company. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, call me and I will explain it to you 1-877-9-SELLER.

Number three, when it comes to building a 7 figure private label business, build it with a plan to sell it in the future. Do it where everything is part of that business; your lease, your cell phone, contracts, bank account. Build the business with a plan to sell it.

Once you have your brand, once you have brand registry, once you have your products, then you have to start watching your sales.

Here are 4 tips for private label brand protection that we apply to big brands, small brands, private label sellers.

This is how you make money on Amazon by protecting every sale:
  1. Get your products outside the first sale doctrine.
  2. Use software to monitor your listings to identify hijackers who are stealing your sales.
  3. Know how to write effective cease and desist communications when other people jump on your listings.
  4. Know how to write an effective intellectual property complaint specifically geared to Amazon.


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