Amazon Sellers’ News 3/12/20 with CJ Rosenbaum: Have you Received Baseless Third-Party Complaints on AMAZON?

Oral B toothbrushes – Proctor & Gamble third-party complaints on AMZ. If you’ve been FALSELY ACCUSED of selling counterfeit products, call us 1-877-9-SELLER.

Oral B toothbrushes and Proctor & Gamble IP complaints against sellers.

IP complaints are now a constant against third party sellers who are selling other company’s branded products. Right now we’re talking about intellectual property complaints, mostly baseless intellectual property complaints by Proctor & Gamble, starting with their Oral B product line. If you have received an IP complaint from P&G about Oral B toothbrushes, get in touch with us. Ask to speak with us about the baseless intellectual property rights complaints because you were selling genuine Oral B toothbrushes.

If you receive IP complaints from any brand at all, even from another seller pulling a dirty trick against you, you need to focus on one thing. That one thing is getting that IP complaint attracted.

If you were violating someone’s IP rights, you need to try and get that complaint retracted. If you were not violating their IP complaints, you need to get that complaint retracted. It protects your account, it protects your Amazon based business, it protects your livelihood. So every single complaint that comes in, don’t let it slide. Don’t let them build up. You need to address them head-on, and there are different negotiating strategies that we use every single day and that work.

Baseless complaint? Let them know you have legal claims against them.

Defamation per se. If you’re accused of selling counterfeit and you’re not, it is a crime that you’ve been accused of and you have a civil claim against them that you can use as leverage. You’ve been falsely accused of counterfeit? You also have intentional interference with your contract with Amazon.

These brands know that by asserting a counterfeit complaint they’re going to knock you out, they may put you out of business. And sometimes they mess with the wrong seller. Use these claims as leverage, and if you want to, if it’s worthwhile to you, if it’s going to make you money, we can actually sue the brands for baseless counterfeit complaints. We have gone after some of the largest entities on the planet for making false complaints against sellers, and we could do that for you if it makes financial sense. Keep your eye on the ball. The goal is the same. Get the complaint retracted.