How Amazon Sellers Can Handle Counterfeit Intellectual Property Complaints & Source Products Correctly

If you’re getting baseless counterfeit intellectual property complaints lodged against your account, if you’re buying from a retailer or from a genuine good supplier, this is going to be a helpful video for you.

For other people who might be buying off of Alibaba, or maybe not the most legitimate supply stream, I’m sorry to tell you, it’s going to be a harder road for you. Most rights owners don’t respond if they really believe you’re counterfeiting, meaning if they don’t really need to… There are good rights owners and there are very professional rights owners who will say, “We’ve conducted XYZ test buy… Here’s the information, we know you’re counterfeiting.”

That’s within their rights. So if that is your situation, I’m sorry to say, you’re going to have to try appealing. It’s going to be almost impossible to get a rights owner to retract if you’re actually doing something wrong.

But for those of you who are doing it the proper way, who are buying your products legitimately, you’ll have an easier time getting a retraction, which is a faster way to resolve the intellectual property complaints on your account health. And it is, honestly, the best way to get these complaints removed from your account health because Amazon does not like to go in and manually remove a complaint unless there is an absolute legitimate reason that they can see.

It’s hard to prove to Amazon that it’s like without a shadow of a doubt you’re in the right and the rights owner has blatantly violated their intellectual property policy of who’s allowed to allege a complaint. But if you have the proper invoices, you can appeal it. It is an easier way to deal with a counterfeit. If you have invoices from a retailer, from somewhere legitimate, that Amazon knows, that makes it easier. But dealing directly with the rights owner is the fastest and best way.

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