Amazon baseless complaints made against sellers (Counterfeit & Inauthentic).

My name’s Anthony, I’m a paralegal here at Amazon Sellers Lawyer. Today, my topic is going to be about false and baseless complaints made against sellers.

I’m sure everybody has received various kinds of IP complains before whether they are counterfeit complaints or inauthentic complaints, and a lot of times, these complaints are filed with the malicious intent to enforce distribution or competition on the Amazon marketplace.

When you receive these type of complaints, the first thing you’ll notice for example, your products are authentic and you’re receiving a counterfeit or an inauthentic complaint or the fact that you are authorized to sell these products even though the complainant has accused you of infringement such as trademark infringements, copyright infringements, etc.

In times when we receive false complaints, the first thing I want to do is to make sure that we let the complainant know that their complaint is false. Basically for a counterfeit complaint as an example, Amazon requires a test buy. A lot of times the complaints are filed without a test buy and because they’re not test buying your products, there’s no way for them to know if your products are inauthentic or counterfeit.

If you’re selling authentic genuine products, then their complaint is baseless and a lot of times we can use a more aggressive stance by saying stuff like, “you’re wrongfully accusing us of selling counterfeit goods” and in lot of cases knowing the fact that your accusations will lead to listing or even Amazon seller account suspensions, we believe that your defaming us. So there goes the defamation claim and also we want to enforce that by saying that they are interfering with your contract with Amazon by filing these false and baseless complaints.

So if you have received a complaint and you believe that the complainant has filed the complaints without basis or to maliciously harm your store on Amazon, then please give us a call 1-877-9-SELLER. We have seen many cases like this and we are very good at dealing with complainants. So if you need help, you can always find help with us.

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