When Amazon Lost Your Inventory / Refuses To Release Your Money, What Can You Do?

Amazon sellers, listen up.

If Amazon loses your inventory or is refusing to release your money, there may be arbitration that you can pursue.

In this video, I explain what arbitration is and how it can help you get the money that’s rightfully yours.

Lost inventory and unreceived money

When Amazon is responsible for losing your inventory and failing to give you credit for it or the company has failed to give you your money, it is important to take the proper steps in coming to a resolution. Oftentimes when Amazon “loses” your inventory at the Fulfillment Center (FBA), they have actually wrongly allocated the product and it can be found being sold by someone else.

If you’ve tried to resolve this issue through appeals, plans of actions, emails to Amazons support team, etc. and nothing has been done, then it is time to take Amazon to arbitration. Amazon sellers have the capability to mediate legal discrepancies with Amazon through arbitration, but not through a lawsuit as the Amazon seller contract prohibits this.


Utilizing arbitration as a means of resolving disputes with Amazon makes the process much quicker and more efficient. Through arbitration, an unbiased third party, who is agreed upon by both parties, is made the judge of the case and will make a decision based on the facts and evidence provided. This process is much quicker than the length of a typical court proceeding, and costs a fraction of the price spent on attorneys needed in a lawsuit.

Expedited Arbitration Program 

If you are owed $50,000 or less by Amazon then you are eligible for the expedited arbitration program provided through the American Arbitration Association. For $2,500 you can file for arbitration against amazon, pay the costs of the process and receive and expedited trial which has limited room for discovery evidence. With the utilization of this program you should have a resolution decided within 90 days of filing the paperwork and money on the way from Amazon.