When Amazon Lost Your Inventory / Refuses To Release Your Money, What Can You Do?

Amazon sellers, listen up.

If Amazon loses your inventory or is refusing to release your money, there may be arbitration that you can pursue.

In this video, I explain what arbitration is and how it can help you get the money that’s rightfully yours.

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More information about inventory / money being withheld on Amazon:

How to Get Amazon to Reimburse You for Lost or Damaged Inventory – Arbitration Against Amazon

When Amazon loses your inventory, or has destroyed/disposed of your inventory, you are entitled to money damages from Amazon.

What Happens When Amazon Loses or Destroys Your Inventory?!

So the way you recover money from Amazon, whether it’s for money it is withholding from you, or money for inventory that was damaged or lost is either amicably by putting in cases, or when those things fail, by taking Amazon to arbitration.

Arbitrations against Amazon when FBA Loses Your Inventory

This is a case where an Amazon seller sent in inventory to an Amazon FBA facility.

Amazon Arbitrage – What to do when AMZ loses your inventory

If Amazon has lost some of your inventory or you’re just not getting it logged in, you know you sent in 2,000 units, Amazon only gave you 1,000, then this video is for you.