What New Amazon Sellers Need To Know

If you’re new to Amazon, there’s a lot to learn if you want to be successful.

In this video, we’ll go over the basics of what you need to do in order to get started and make money selling on Amazon.

We’ll cover topics like finding profitable products, setting up your seller account, and shipping your products. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for ways to improve your business, this video is for you!

Tips for Amazon Sellers 

Many sellers start their business on Amazon by dropshipping from other brands, before even knowing how to operate Amazons dashboard. While dropshipping is a common practice, this is highly unrecommended for new sellers.

When beginning your job as an Amazon seller you should first operate through retail arbitrage. Retail arbitrage is when you shop for sale products in different department stores and then sell these products for a higher price on Amazon in order to get a large return on your investment. You can get an app to scan UPC codes on the products at these stores and see what prices they are being sold at.


Amazon suspensions are more common than many sellers are aware of. If you want to run a successful e-commerce business on Amazon, it’s crucial to understand why accounts and listings get suspended, how to avoid a suspension, and what to do if you become suspended. Disputing your Amazon suspension and getting reinstated is a hurdle you can overcome with research, dedication and persistence to get your Amazon account reinstated.