Watch CJ Rosenbaum in an interview with Tracy Hazzard about Amazon seller legal issues and product launch hazards.

As the world moves into the digital space, it has become very important for us to keep ourselves secure, most especially for those Amazon sellers whose products are sold virtually.

CJ Rosenbaum of takes us into some Amazon seller legal issues, talking about what is going on with this platform and how you can keep yourself, your intellectual property, and your products secure / safe. He talks about digital rights management, the listing hacking process, and establishing your brand – from trademarks to copyrights and patents.

CJ Rosenbaum“When something goes wrong, all that I and my team of 35 people deal with are problems. I’d probably say 80/20, 80% problems and 20% problem prevention. If you do have an IP issue, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can protect yourself easily, cheaply do it yourself, and prevent a lot of problems or at least make dealing with the problems a lot easier if you take the right steps first as you’re developing your brand. The flip side of it is if you do have a problem, nothing is fatal in this ever-changing online retail world. It definitely feels fatal. Sellers all over the world fear getting suspended. If anything bad happens, take a deep breath. It’s business. It’s almost always easily resolvable and we’re here to empower and teach people how to handle a lot of things themselves.”

How ASL Helps Amazon Sellers:

If you receive a complaint of infringement, the first thing we do is an analysis, “Is our client infringing or not?” The vast majority of the time they’re not. Most sellers are not selling counterfeit products or at least not doing it on purpose. If they’re not infringing, we then reach out to whoever made the complaint and we try and persuade them to withdraw the complaint because it’s baseless. On the other hand, if our client is violating… You’re negotiating for the same goal to get that complaint withdrawn, but you’re negotiating from a different perspective because you did violate, either knowingly or you didn’t realize you were violating.

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Amazon Seller Legal Issues with CJ Rosenbaum Amazon Seller Legal Issues with CJ Rosenbaum

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