CJ Rosenbaum of Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind AmazonSellersLawyer.com, talks to Kyle Tarter of Nozani.com, a full service Amazon listing optimization company.

Nozani specializes in everything from page optimization, to sponsored ad optimization specifically for Amazon.

  • Learn how to make more money and sell more products on Amazon.
  • Learn how to utilize email lists as a tool to drive more people to your website.
  • Learn about all the different programs Nozani.com has to offer.
Webinar Wednesday: CJ Rosenbaum & Kyle Tarter from Nozani

If you are an Amazon seller and would like to reach out to Kyle directly, his contact information is ktarter@nozani.com. You can also check out Nozani online for more information.

If you are selling on Amazon and have been falsely accused of selling counterfeit products, WE want to talk to YOU.

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Founder & Attorney at Law, Amazon Sellers Lawyer

CJ Rosenbaum is the founding partner of the only full-service, international law firm focused on Amazon sellers.

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind AmazonSellersLawyer.com, has a full time staff in New York, Europe, Australia and China.

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC focuses on 3 major areas for Amazon sellers:

1.  Suspensions: Plans of Action for non-legal suspensions and obtaining withdrawals of intellectual property right complaints.

2.  Representing Sellers: in arbitration against Amazon when Amazon refuses to reinstate accounts or seizes money/goods belonging to Amazon sellers.

3.  Brand Protection: for private label sellers on all web platforms.