When is it a Good Time to Sell your Amazon-Based Business?

Amazon supports black-owned businesses and so do we.

Timing is everything. When deciding to sell your Amazon-based business, whether for a life change or changing your profession, you want to make sure when selling, that the timing is perfect. Timing yourself correctly will help maximize your business value and maximize the amount of money you get in return for it.

When is it a good time to sell your Amazon-based business?

Most believe the best time to sell is when the market is up and doing well, but the true reality is, the best time to sell is when your business is doing well. The financials of your business are turning upwards, sales are booming, your team is strong, and the demand for your business is high. There is well over two billion dollars available for people selling their Amazon-based businesses. So you want to get back as much of that as you can. You want to not just get two to two-and-a-half times your net back, you want to get four times your net back or more.

There are plenty of companies that are looking to buy Amazon-based businesses with tons of money, such as Thrasio, SellerX, Razor Group, and much more. Thrasio targets brands with 1 to 10 million annual sales with well-reviewed products. Brands typically see a 30% jump in sales just 2 months after being acquired according to Thrasio. To date, the company has acquired over 100 brands with 15,000 products with new products being added daily. SellerX offers 4 times take home profit of your business. They see 80% increase in revenue growth year over year and close deals in no time within 30 days. Razor Group has over 4 million dollar and looking to buy profitable Amazon businesses as well. All of these are possible and in reach for you when the demand for your business is skyrocketing and you sell at the right time.

To create this demand, you must sell your business when it is growing and looks to have plenty of potential to continue growing and not on the decline.

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Selling your business at the right time is selling your business when you do not have to.

It will help keep the pressure off you and put it on the acquirers and their competition’s shoulders.