The Effect of Covid-19 on E-Commerce Businesses – AMZ REQUIRING Pre-Approval for PPE & Supplements

Hello, Amazon sellers. Thanks for tuning into another one of our videos. I want to talk to you today about the effect of COVID-19 on product pre-approval.

We had a client that was approved to resell another company’s pharmaceutical products, and Amazon flagged the seller for two things, the authenticity of the item and brand approval to sell.

Before COVID, many of these products did not need pre-approval, but now require an application to list. Today, I will be informing you about Amazon’s new requirements implemented during COVID for selling personal safety and household products.

We have noticed that Amazon has failed to update some ASINs that now require preapproval, especially in the category of over-the-counter medicines, supplements and related products. As a seller, you have to understand that requiring preapproval protects Amazon’s customer owners and brand owners.

So if this happens to you, first submit your invoices to Amazon to prove authenticity, then detail to Amazon that even though the ASINs did not require approval when you listed it, we will now submit all necessary information to be approved for these categories moving forward.

I want to make sure every single Amazon seller knows that we’re here for you.

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