AMZ Sellers Obtaining Agreements to Retract Complaints when Faced with IP Complaints on Amazon

Intellectual Property Complaints

Many sellers on Amazon have received baseless intellectual property complaints for products they’ve sold on the platform.

Be it copyright, patent, trademark, or counterfeit complaints, it is not always easy to get these complaints retracted. However, once you have obtained a retraction from the rights owner and simultaneously received a written agreement, there are steps you can take to fully ensure the retraction gets processed and the complaint falls off your account health.

Contents of the Agreement

When you receive the agreement from the rights owner who made the complaint, it is important to look over the agreement to ensure the terms are beneficial to you and will not harm you down the line.

Most importantly, the agreement should contain a line or two confirming that the rights owner will resubmit the retraction as many times as possible, and that the complaint was made in error. Often Amazon will not accept any retractions unless the retraction explicitly states an error was made. Rights owners may have reservations about using that language, so an alternative would be for the agreement to mention the dispute has been resolved. We have found this language also works when processing retractions.

Forwarding the Retraction

Once you’ve reviewed the agreement & the content is sufficient, it’s time to have the rights owner submit a retraction.

It is a good idea to be included in the email the rights owner is sending to Amazon to ensure the language matches up with the language mentioned in the initial agreement. Let us say the retraction fails to process and you want to prepare an Amazon infringement appeal, you can screenshot the retraction email and use that screenshot as further proof that you have resolved the issue with the rights owner. Following these directions is the best possible way for the retraction to process and for you to continue your selling habits on Amazon.

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