Vendors Not Receiving Payouts From Amazon – Destroying Sellers’ Businesses Worldwide

Amazon vendors, you have got to watch how much money Amazon owes you constantly. Never, ever, ever, ever allow Amazon to owe you so much money that it can put you out of business, because Amazon does not always pay its bills.

I’m going to be talking to you today about a case our litigation department is working on.

So, let me talk to you about the Amazon vendor and what you need to be afraid of.

So, if you’re selling to Amazon, many of you feel that, “It’s Amazon for god’s sake, they’re always going to pay their bills.” Well, they don’t. In fact, we’ve had cases where Amazon warehoused counterfeit complaints, it kept buying from our client, and then refused to pay its bills.

We have another case where Amazon asked our client to reduce the amount of money that it owed. And when it didn’t and they’re trying to get their money back, Amazon made a huge counterclaim against them.

So, if you’re an Amazon vendor, you got to treat Amazon like you would any other purchaser.

And it’s sort of like what President Trump said. And again, I’m not pro-Trump, I’m not anti-Trump, or at least I’m not telling you how I feel. But what Trump said years ago is that if you owe the bank a million dollars, the bank owns you. If you owe the bank $10 million, you own the bank. So what’s the point? Don’t let Amazon own you. Don’t let Amazon owe you so much money that if they don’t pay you, you’re going to go out of business. Or they have so much leverage that they can really shake you down.

So that’s what you have to know for today. Amazon vendors, it could be a great opportunity, but you got to watch it. You cannot rely upon Amazon 100% paying its bills to you.

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