AMAZON LITIGATION – Lawyers Manipulating Judges in Chicago to Issue FALSE CLAIMS Against Sellers

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While I love the city of Chicago, especially in the summertime when you can just walk next to the lake and jump on in, the judges in the Northern District of Illinois, the federal courthouse in Chicago are the most likely to freeze your Amazon account and I’m going to be talking to you today about what we are doing to one of these lawyers who is improperly going into Chicago because he knows the judges there are more likely to hurt the Amazon seller.

Okay so, what am I talking about, about this court in Chicago and what we’re doing? Well, this lawyer goes into court in Chicago on behalf of a New Hampshire company suing our client who is in Washington state, but he goes into Chicago because he knows the judges there issue more orders against sellers than all of the other courts in the country combined.

So what are we doing to this poor lawyer now that he sort of picked a fight with the wrong guy?

Well, telling him that he has a choice to make. You can discontinue your case now, before we come after you or we’re going to make a motion to the court, dismiss all your claims and kick you out of this building because you had a choice to make. You can go to New Hampshire, you can go to Washington, but you have no business going to Chicago because nobody lives or works there. You’re solely going there to try and manipulate the judges.

Our experience matters. There’s that joke that size matters, but let me tell you something, experience matters. So, how long will it take us to do this? Not very long, because it is not our first time at the rodeo. It’s not our first jog around the block.

I think we defend more Amazon sellers in court than any law firm in the world. Maybe more than any law firm in the world combined. But that’s how we are getting this case, that’s how we intend to resolve it and we do it quickly and efficiently. In fact, my conversation was just yesterday with the judge. Give the lawyer a heads up, gave him this much time to make a decision, and boom got in with the judge, got a schedule set and we’re going to get this case tossed.

If you need more information about false claims against sellers, text me, submit your case online, email me, or call. I have someone to answer your calls literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week.