BREAKING NEWS: Humans Replacing Bots/Computer-Based Mechanisms to Overlook Claims Against Sellers

Breaking news, bad news, but I’m going to give you a path forward, and first I want to talk to you about Briana. Briana is one of our insanely awesome paralegals who is really great at relaying information to sellers.

Brianna has been working with a seller on a tracking suspension.

She won the case with her first plan of action, first swing at the plate by arguing. This is what is really good. Arguing the insertion of more human interaction in watching your tracking information.

Amazon has always loved when you institute computer-based mechanisms to take human error out of it. But now, what’s unusual is Amazon is respecting the insertion of human beings into your systems to avoid problems.

I went to India about two years ago, and I interviewed dozens of Amazon staff outside their office buildings and I asked them questions. What came back to me, one of the biggest things that I learned, is that it is not all bots addressing your issues. Amazon does have tons and tons of algorithms, but those algorithms spit out reports, and these are the people who work on those reports.

How can you use this information? Act like Amazon. Use automated systems, but also insert human beings to review the reports and conduct your business the way Amazon conducts its business.

That’s the news. Amazon is respecting the insertion of more human beings into your processes. Those arguments are winning reinstatement.

If you want to learn more about claims against sellers or you want to speak to Briana, email me, call me, submit your case online, or you can even text me and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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