How AMZ Sellers can Successfully Appeal Baseless Copyright Complaints

Today’s insider information is regarding our recent success for baseless copyright infringement allegations.

In this instance, the client was authorized by the manufacturer to create the detail pages and to use all the content on the detail page. They received a copyright complaint from a complainant based out of the country. So we were assuming that the complainant email was a little bit fraudulent. We never really got confirmation on that because we did have everything to disprove the copyright complaint. In this instance, the client had, again, an authorization letter from the manufacturer to use the content on the detail pages that received the infringement allegations and to use all of it, to use the images, the listing, the details within the listing. After we escalated the matter, the appeal was successful.

What you should take from this case is that if you develop a relationship with a manufacturer, try to get an authorization letter, whether you can sell these products and that you can use the content if you’re creating listings for these.

If you are creating listings and you are using manufactured images, make sure you get authorization from the manufacturer. If not, please review the Amazon policies about taking images on a white background, they have the dimensions there for you.

Another reason why a lot of sellers get complaints is through creating a duplicate listing. So, if you do, abide by the policies, read them, research them; and if you are using images, again, make sure that they’re your own self-taken images.

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