How to Get Your Suspended Amazon Account back in Business after Rights Owner Complaint

If you have had your Amazon account suspended and are looking for a way to get it reinstated, then look no further.

In this video, we will go over the steps you need to take in order to file reinstatement after a rights owner complaint.

We’ll also cover what to do if the complainant refuses to respond to your request.

How you can help yourself

While it can be helpful to have assistance when resolving issues with your Amazon seller account, there are steps you can take independently to mimic the actions of our legal team. The goal of this process is to have the complaint that was lodged against you retracted, and your Amazon account reinstated.


  • The first thing you should do is analyze whether there is any merit to the claims made against your Amazon seller account. Did you violate IP rights? Are you selling products that violate a valid trademark?
  • Next, reach out to the individual or brand who has filed the complaint against you and ask them to retract it. This can at times be done by promising that you will not sell whatever the product at issue is.
  • If the complainer refuses to respond to your request to retract the claim, then you should document that this occurred and send proof to Amazon along with reasoning for the retraction and a Plan of Action demonstrating you attempted to settle this discrepancy already.
  • The final resolution should be that upon receiving your documentation, Amazon will remove the complaint and reactivate your Amazon seller account.