Protect Your Amazon Business from IP Complaints made by Polo Ralph Lauren

In this video, I’m going to show you how to protect your Amazon business from IP complaints made by Polo Ralph Lauren.

Polo Ralph Lauren has been known to make IP complaints against Amazon sellers, and it can be devastating for your business if you’re not prepared.

In this video, I’ll share with you some tips on how to protect yourself from being shut down.

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How Sellers Can PROVE Their Products Are Genuine By Showing Great Sourcing Documents

Put me in a boxing ring with Ralph Lauren because the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team is winning these cases week after week after week…

Again this week, Vin, one of our senior paralegals, won not one case, but 2 for Amazon sellers, where he was able to get their selling accounts reactivated by showing the products were entirely genuine with great sourcing documents.

So where are you getting Ralph Lauren Polo products, and what invoices do you have? Many of you are sourcing your Ralph Lauren Polo products, the college shirts, the ties, whatever from Marshalls or other discount stores. The products are entirely genuine. Those receipts are entirely valid and the more detailed the receipt, the more detailed the invoice, the easier it is to get you reinstated.

Amazon sellers, all of you who are selling Ralph Lauren, be careful.

If you have one or two shirts, it might not be wise to get into it right now because a lot of the sellers are getting hit. If you’re one of the sellers making great money selling their products, I want you to know that we are winning reactivations every single week for as long as I can remember.

So keep selling if it’s worthwhile in terms of the money and maintain your receipts/invoices. Just be aware that the more detailed the receipt / invoice is, the easier it is to get you reactivated.