How To Win Amazon Reactivation after you Received Multiple IP Complaints

Are you an Amazon seller who’s been hit with multiple IP complaints?

Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution. In this video, we’ll show you how to win reactivation after receiving multiple IP complaints. So sit back and watch while we take care of everything for you.

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More information for Amazon sellers on when they’ve received multiple IP complaints:

Amazon baseless complaints made against sellers (Counterfeit & Inauthentic).

I’m sure everybody has received various kinds of IP complains before whether they are counterfeit complaints or inauthentic complaints, and a lot of times, these complaints are filed with the malicious intent to enforce distribution or competition on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Sellers Infringing, Hijacking & Manipulating Listings by Leaving False Complaints

Hi sellers. I’m Ashley & today I’m talking about a recent issue I was working on. Specifically, with a client who’s part of Amazon’s brand registry program and has their own trademark. They received a used sold as new complaint for one of their own listings.

‘Not as Described’ Complaints on

When you return a product as a customer on Amazon, there’s a list of selections for reasons for your return. Often customers will select not as described as the reason for returns. If you get enough of these returns, you would have a not as described complaint lodged against your account or listing.

Amazon Hiding Copyright Complaints Against Sellers

The breaking news is that Amazon is seemingly keeping hidden copyright complaints that have been asserted against you. We’ve received this information from numerous sellers who spent time and effort trying to speak with people at seller support, where Amazon staff seemingly revealed this to them.