How to Persuade Amazon Staff to Retract a Baseless IP Complaint

Amazon Sellers: Today, we will be discussing Jacques, one of the incredibly talented Paralegals on the Rosenbaum, Famularo, & Segall P.C. team, and how he won an intellectual property complaint case when the rights owner refused to work with us and retract their complaint.

Jacques was dealing with a common issue we see at our firm: a rights owner who submitted a baseless complaint against our client alleging intellectual property infringement.

Jacques tried to do the first thing we always do in cases like these – contact the rights owner to try to reach an amicable resolution.

In his message, he mentioned that our client was not infringing and requested a retraction of their complaint.

The complainant completely blew it off…

Jacques then scoured USPTO records and determined that there was no possibility of infringement.

Then, he drafted an appeal to Amazon demonstrating non-infringement and explained that the rights owner failed to correspond. Jacques was able to write a great appeal which was enough to see that the client’s product listing was reinstated.

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