Tips on How to Avoid a Related Account Suspension for Amazon Sellers

Amazon supports black-owned businesses and so do we…

Today, I’ll be talking about related accounts suspensions on Amazon.

As most of you know, Amazon forbids you from being involved with more than one account.

We know tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousand sellers have multiple accounts. We want to tell you about what we know about it, so you can avoid detection. We only know a small number of ways that Amazon catches you. They have lots of other ways that nobody knows.

So here are a few steps you need to take to avoid detection:

Never log into more than one account with the same device.

Never login to more than one account from the same router.

Never login to more than one account with the same IP address.

Make sure you’re treating your separate accounts, like entirely separate businesses, different names, different addresses, different phone numbers, different categories of products.

If you’re using a virtual assistant or vendors, you’re responsible for everything that they do. So either use different VAs and different vendors, or you have to make sure they’re being as careful as you are. Any slip-up can get you caught.

In my next video. I’ll be speaking on how we win reinstatement if you get caught when using multiple accounts.

I want to make sure every single Amazon seller knows that we’re here for you. If you need a free consultation, if you need to bounce an idea off of somebody, because your account is down, call us or submit your case online. We’re happy to talk with you, to pay it forward, by sharing with you the information that we have

I believe it is okay to run businesses how you see fit. You just have to know what the risks are.


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