People Suing Amazon Sellers – Protect Your Assets & Stop the Piercing of the Corporate Veil

Today, we’ll be going over a big mistake that many business owners make called Piercing the Corporate Veil, which puts your assets at risk.

The most common reason that people in companies can pierce your corporate veil and get to your personal assets occurs when business owners treat their corporate bank accounts like their personal bank accounts.

This happens when, for example, you are out with your kids getting ice cream and use your corporate card. Since ice cream is not a business expense, you shouldn’t use your corporate card, and doing so can put your assets at risk.

If you only use your corporate account for business expenses, you will protect your corporation’s financial information.

Otherwise, people who have been hurt, injured, or suffered property damage can get through to your corporation’s financial information.

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Amazon Withdraws Claims Seeking to Impose a Corporation’s Debt onto a Person in light of Amazon’s Failure to Comply with State and Federal Lending Laws

People suing Amazon sellers: In light of undisputed evidence that Amazon failed to comply with consumer lending laws, Amazon withdrew its attempt to hold an individual person responsible for money that Amazon loaned to a corporation. The law and the facts Amazon faced can be accessed here. In Amazon Capital Services, Inc., v. Charon Intl. Trading, Inc., Amer. Arb. Assoc. # 01-18-002-0327