Beware of the Dramatic Increase in Listing Suspensions for Expired Inventory on Amazon

Bad news for Amazon sellers who are selling products with expiration dates. But at the end, I’m going to tell you how we got our client reinstated with the first plan of action that we drafted.

Okay, so this is Briana. She’s one of our brilliant paralegals and this is case number 04895. This case was submitted by a seller just like you by going to our website and clicking the case submit button. Received a call back from our client relations team, hired us. The case was assigned to Briana, who won the reinstatement of her very first plan of action.

So on the bad side, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of listing suspensions.

Not necessarily full account suspensions, but listing suspensions because the expiration dates are coming up too quickly. How do we get you reinstated? Well, Briana wrote a plan of action with the three categories, the three sections: root cause, immediate corrective action, systemic changes to your business.

And what she described in her plan of action that we then gave to the seller who submitted the POA to where we told the seller to submit is a different mechanism for monitoring when the expiration dates are going to arise, how this Amazon seller is going to watch the inventory more carefully. And therefore, what this Amazon seller, what changes they were going to make into how often and when they were sending goods to Amazon’s FBA warehouses.

So the last section of your plan of action, the long-term changes to your business is always the most important section and Briana hit it out of the ballpark by winning reinstatement for this seller, the very first swing at the plate.

If your time is more valuable sourcing products, working on your listings, running your business, then hire us to use your plan of action. But if you want to know what goes into a plan of action if you have expired inventory on Amazon, we have more information than any website on earth on how to write the greatest plans of action that will get you reinstated.